Field Activity Management

Client Portal

Fam client portal allows you to share selected field data with outside entities. Provide your clients, business partners or other departments within your organizations with a snapshot of activities in the field.

Back Office Management

Creating user for website with particular permission.

Inventory & Warehouse

Inventory is used to restock product warehouse is for adding, editing and deleting the warehouse.

Retail Audit

Retail audit is likewise subscription-based services by market research firms and stores e.g. On sales trends, stock levels promotion report for any product and other related aspects about products and stock level.

Financial Accounting

Financial account shows you credit, debit, out standings and total debit of all clients and single particular client.

GPS Location Tracking

Add location and time tags to every action your reps take, enabling you to analyze where and when every activity takes place. Gain complete visibility into your teams whereabouts and develop insights around where specific actions are, or are not taking place.

Appointment Scheduling

Manage your team’s schedule on fam. View your representatives’ calendars and add or edit visits to ensure that their time is being used efficiently.

Client Portal (Web Portal) Management

It displays the information of expiry date of portal, (count of) assigned representative and back office users and (count of) permission for assign representative and back office users for that portal.